Engineering Manager-Full stack Developer

Job Summary

Job Description :

  1. Ownership of product delivery, devops, cybersecurity, performance, impeccable software quality, and configuration.
  2. Hands-on management with deep-dive into the details of software design, implementation and debugging.
  3. Attract, hire, retain, motivate and mentor the team..
  4. Guide your teams in developing roadmaps and systems to drive product growth, then identify, plan, and execute projects to support that growth.
  5. Leadership role in the driving technical architecture, specifically leveraging micro-services.
  6. Manage multiple projects across a wide breadth of technologies, coordinate dependencies, and interactions with the internal teams and external partners.
  7. Collaborate with stakeholders from across functions to keep the development team in sync with all functions and overall business objectives.
  8. Set up, create and manage strong best practices/architecture to ensure reliable, secure, bug-free, and performant software is released on-time.

Techi familiar with


  • Golang for most services and Node.js (KoaPolka) for a few
  • gRPC for inter-service communication
  • PostgreSQL



  • AWS (with extensive use of RDS, S3, ECS, SQS, SES & CloudWatch)
  • Gitlab for version-control and CI/CD
  • All apps built and shipped as Docker images
  • Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • Honeybadger for error analytics & uptime monitoring


  • Graduate/Post Graduate

Key Skills

  • 3 – 5 years of technical experience (you can count internships & freelance work towards this).
  • Proficiency in React (especially Hooks) and Typescript; experience in Node.js is nice to have.
  • Experience in profiling apps for performance.
  • A track record of writing accessible and detailed version-control commits, documentation and code reviews.
  • A strong ability to write clean, scalable, self-documenting & highly-testable code.
  • Very good problem-solving skills.

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