Azerbaijan expands International Cargo routes to Pakistan and Great Britain via road transport


Starting this year, Azerbaijan has expanded its international cargo transportation routes to include road transport to Pakistan and Great Britain, according to Azernews, referencing the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency (AYNA) under the Digital Development and Transport Ministry.

The necessary permissions have been exchanged with both Pakistan and Great Britain on a bilateral basis, bringing the total number of countries with which Azerbaijan engages in international cargo transportation by road to 50. Additionally, an agreement has been reached to enable Azerbaijani carriers to conduct comprehensive transportation operations from Turkish ports.

In alignment with the Law On Motor Transport, the registration process for legal and natural entities involved in cargo transportation will persist. This is aimed at enhancing state regulation, fortifying control in the domestic cargo transportation sector. All motor vehicle owners will be required to continue their operations after obtaining a license, and trucks will be issued a license card. Importantly, there is no state fee associated with obtaining the license certificate or license card.