Akasa Air’s Cargo Operations Achieves Remarkable Growth


Akasa Air’s cargo business is experiencing steady growth, surpassing its peers in freight loads, said Praveen Iyer, the Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer of Akasa Air on Friday.

“Cargo is one of the core sources of revenue for Akasa Air and we have witnessed a consistent uptick in the volume of our cargo delivery. Since our inception in August 2022, we have established a strong presence in 20 cities across India carrying over 50,000 tonnes of cargo. Akasa Air is the second leading airline in cargo operations in Bengaluru now,” stated Iyer.

Despite domestic air cargo facing competition from surface transport and pricing pressures, Iyer expressed confidence in Akasa Air’s performance compared to its competitors.

“Since the launch of our services, Akasa Air has been transporting close to one tonne of cargo per flight, surpassing the industry average of 600 to 650 kg,” he added.

Highlighting Bengaluru as Akasa’s primary hub, Iyer noted that the airline consistently uplifts 1.3 to 1.4 tonnes of cargo from this base. Competitive pricing and efficient service were identified as key factors contributing to Akasa’s sustained cargo volumes.

Although the airline did not provide specific reasons for its outperformance in freight loads, Iyer acknowledged Akasa Air’s limited network, operating 110-120 flights daily to 20 destinations. In comparison, Air India and IndiGo manage around 300 and 1,700 domestic flights daily, leading to the distribution of their freight loads across a larger number of flights.

Indian airports witnessed an increase in cargo handling, with 1.09 million tonnes between April and January compared to 1.07 million tonnes in the same period last year. While domestic cargo showed a 1.6% increase, international cargo handling rose by 6%.

Looking ahead, Akasa Air plans to launch four weekly flights between Mumbai and Doha later this month, marking its inaugural international route. Iyer emphasized the airline’s commitment to exploring new opportunities for business growth, with a focus on international markets playing a crucial role in the expansion of the cargo business.