Streamlining Licensing: Delhi Government Mandates Registration for Service Providers with Over 25 Vehicles


Under the Delhi government’s latest directive, all service providers and e-commerce entities with a fleet size exceeding 25 vehicles are mandated to register on the government’s newly launched portal to secure a license.

This dedicated portal aims to streamline the licensing process and fee payments for cab aggregators, delivery service providers, and e-commerce entities. This initiative aligns with the Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme (2023). A recent public notice from the Transport Department urges all license holders operating within Delhi to register their existing fleets within 90 days.

The registration process details are available on the department’s website, directing stakeholders to the monitoring dashboard at Licenses issued under this scheme will be valid for five years.

An essential aspect of the scheme is the gradual shift towards electric mobility to combat air pollution and promote green transportation. By 2030, all aggregator fleets in Delhi must operate solely on electric vehicles, showcasing the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

To ensure compliance, strict enforcement measures have been established, with monetary penalties ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh per violation. However, aggregators can exclusively offer bike taxi services using electric vehicles.

The scheme also emphasizes stringent standards for service quality, including vehicle hygiene, driver conduct, and prompt resolution of customer grievances, to enhance customer satisfaction and prioritize safety.

Operators, whether existing or new, must obtain a license within 90 days of the scheme’s notification or before commencing operations. These licenses will remain valid for five years, with annual fees applicable, though electric vehicles are exempt. Additionally, operators of vehicles less than two years old are eligible for a 50 percent fee rebate, encouraging the adoption of newer, greener vehicles.