OCEAN Alliance Extends Operational Cooperation


On the 27th of February, the Chief Executive Officers representing prominent entities such as the CMA CGM Group, COSCO SHIPPING, Evergreen, and OOCL convened in Shanghai for a significant occasion: the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement marks the extension of the operational collaboration of the OCEAN Alliance, stretching its horizon for an additional five years until the year 2032.

At the heart of this renewed commitment lies the ethos of sustainability and steadfast support for customers’ supply chains and businesses. The OCEAN Alliance pledges to continue furnishing top-tier shipping solutions across an extensive array of served ports, ensuring direct calls and optimal transit times for its clientele.

Formed in the spring of 2017, the OCEAN Alliance has since ascended to become the foremost operational shipping network on a global scale, serving as a linchpin for international trade routes. Its enduring mission revolves around delivering agile and innovative solutions, leveraging a robust network entrenched within the industry’s fabric.

In tandem with the overarching goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050, the CMA CGM Group remains at the vanguard of environmental stewardship within the shipping and logistics sphere. The company actively pursues innovative solutions to curtail the environmental footprint of its operations. By 2027, it envisages operating a fleet exceeding 120 containerships propelled by alternative green fuels, with select vessels already navigating the OCEAN Alliance network.

An official statement attests to the pivotal role played by the OCEAN Alliance over seven consecutive years, ensuring the resilience of supply chains while upholding regulatory compliance. With this extension, the alliance underscores its unwavering dedication to its primary objective: delivering unparalleled service to partners and their clientele in the forthcoming years.

Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, underscored the enduring commitment of the conglomerate to fortify its collaboration within the OCEAN Alliance. He emphasized the pivotal role of diversity as a driving force behind innovation, expressing confidence in the collective ability to chart new frontiers within the industry.