Maersk Evaluates Potentials, Shows Strong Interest in Buying DB Schenker


Leading global shipping company Maersk has taken significant steps in its pursuit of acquiring the freight forwarder DB Schenker, which was put up for sale last year. Vincent Clerc (CEO, Maersk) has engaged financial advisors to evaluate the potential acquisition. Clerc emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough assessment stressing on the need for prudence while investigating an acquisition as big as DB Schenker.

This move by Maersk comes after Clerc announced a shift in the company’s strategy during its full-year results, indicating a newfound openness to considering forwarder acquisitions. Clerc highlighted the diminishing concerns about past “disynergies,” underscoring the need to explore the possibilities presented by acquiring DB Schenker.

Mark McVicar, a former research analyst, suggested that Clerc’s bold statements signal Maersk’s serious interest in DB Schenker and serve as a deterrent to potential competitors. However, he also cautioned about the risks associated with this strategy.

Discussing the industry landscape, Clerc noted the changing dynamics post-COVID and referenced CMA CGM’s successful integration of 2PL and 3PL offerings. McVicar echoed concerns about DB Schenker’s historical underinvestment and its impact on profitability compared to competitors like DSV, K+N, or DHL.

Despite the potential benefits of diversification, concerns linger about potential conflicts of interest with Maersk’s existing clientele and the challenges of managing a major forwarder without prior expertise. Clerc acknowledged the complexities of the deal, stressing that while it presents a significant opportunity, it is not a do or die strategy for Maersk.

However, obstacles remain, including pricing concerns and the need for managerial expertise in operating a major forwarder. The outcome of Maersk’s pursuit of DB Schenker will undoubtedly reshape the logistics landscape, with far-reaching implications for the industry.