Indian Register of Shipping and GRSE Forge Strategic Partnership for Autonomous and Green Vessel Innovation


Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) has officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited (GRSE) on 2nd March 2024.

This collaboration, witnessed by Mr. Arun Sharma, Executive Chairman of IRS, and Commodore P. R. Hari (Retd.), Chairman and Managing Director of GRSE, signifies a crucial stride towards promoting innovation and sustainability within the maritime sector.

In accordance with the MOU, IRS will extend its guidance and expertise to GRSE for the development of autonomous and green energy vessels. The primary goal of this partnership is to ensure that vessels crafted by GRSE adhere to evolving safety standards, rule requirements, design specifications, and mandatory compliances related to autonomous and green energy vessels. By leveraging IRS insights, GRSE is committed to designing and developing vessels in compliance with the latest industry standards.

Commodore P.R. Hari (Retd.) highlighted the significance of the collaboration, stating, “Taking cognizance of the changing technology landscape, GRSE, while continuing its focus on conventional shipbuilding, has created a separate vertical for autonomous vessels and green shipping. The MOU with IRS will facilitate this foray into the new technology arena while further cementing the long-standing relationship that GRSE shares with IRS.”

Mr. Arun Sharma emphasized the commitment to innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector, stating, “The partnership with GRSE emphasizes our commitment to promoting innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector. Our objective is to combine our expertise with GRSE’s capabilities to develop autonomous and green vessels aligned with the industry’s changing needs and environmental targets.”